Sus Anfitriones

My show is an honor for women in my life, who have inspired me to inspire others. Being a woman is a greatness that should be used to teach life lessons and share our power to improve the world, and support each other to change the world of our children and their future.
My children speak two languages perfectly and they are considered citizens of the world; have traveled more than any children I know and it makes me happy because they have a great capacity for adaptation to cultures and environments.
Art has surrounded Briggith’s life from early childhood. She is the daughter of a composer and great musician, and her mother, a great poet and philanthropist. She has been inspired by the women around her, to create this TV show, the first TV show for Hispanic women, reflecting the feminine universe and to honor the power of women in the world.
Briggith Ripamonti
Briggith RipamontiHost
Designer, business woman and collector of brands, loves art and culture so traveling is a need to nurture that spirit. Married with two beautiful children she has always been interested in art. Briggith and her husband involve their children in everything that has to do with art and culture. Art has surrounded Briggith’s life from early childhood. She is the daughter of a composer and great musician, and her mother, a great poet and philanthropist.
Daniel Teran
Daniel TeranCo-Host
Daniel is a musician and composer. He is also the producer of world renown artists. Daniel is heir to the most recognized interior design brand in Spain and throughout Europe “Paco Teran”. “Paco Teran” has a tradition of more than 50 years in interior and architectural design and Daniel is expanding the Teran interior design firm, as well as his music production business to America. He is a talented young bachelor and decided to collaborate with ELLAS TV program, the finest American Hispanic television magazine for women.

Corresponsales Internacionales

Daniele Schachter
Daniele SchachterUnited States, Brazil
Model and actress based in Miami and Brazil.
Yulibeth Correa
Yulibeth CorreaManager: Digital, Tourism
and Hospitality
Yulibeth is very creative. She has a passion for travel and culture and cares deeply about the environment.
An accomplished pastry chef from Lima, Peru who has studied and worked in Paris and Spain She currently gives private clases at Urban kitchen and is the ambassador for Hogar del nino an NGO organization for homeless children in Dominican Republic.
Karina Vilella
Karina VilellaArgentina
For over 20 years Katrina has been a writer, journalist and Chief of Protocol for celebrities and political figures in Argentina. Karina has one of the most reputable diplomacy programs in Argentina. It is an honor for Ellas to have her as one of our international collaborators.
Estephany Moya
Estephany MoyaDominican Republic
Estephany is a model, actress and entertainer. She has been working in television since she was 16. Currently Estephany models for many upscale fashion brands at Dominicana de la Moda, as a premier runaway model. She is being feature in short films, fashion catalogs and events around the country. She is one of the youngest correspondents for Ellas TV.
Karina Vitola
Karina VitolaColombia
Karina is a Colombian lawyer who specialized in business. She is also a young and talented model who is passionate about life and culture. Katrina collaborates with Ellas TV on “entre amigas” and provides a bright and different point of view for women.